MiloGlobal Wallet
Easy To Use Global
MTU Trading App.

Access MTU and Trade with Anyone, Anywhere.
Milo is Simple. Milo is Universal. Free for All.

MiloWallet is Complex
& Effortless to Use.

Lots of Functions.

Check recent transactions, add, redeem & transfer or pay from single app.

Transfer your Funds.

Send coins or tokens instantly to anyone in the world via number or wallet address.

Exchange and Deposit.

Your MTU account at your fingertips. Manage payments & rewards in real-time.


Future of Global Electronic Transactions.

Put the power of MiloGlobal in the palm of your hand.

MiloGlobal App understands the need for technology in shaping the future of electronic payments for global brands, financial institutions, corporations, and governments.

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Strong Security

Face ID authentication & push notifications ensure users are notified upon any type of account usage, access, or funds transfer.

Digital Money

One-touch access to detailed transaction history, balances and more. Send funds between Milo Wallet quickly and easily.

Smart Functions

Advanced search allows you to pin-point transactions and transfers directly from the app, either by date, merchant or sender.

Fastest, Most Convenient & Secure Wallet

MiloGlobal Wallet is the fastest, most convenient and secure way to access your MTU account. Our app puts your MTU account at your fingertips and allows you to manage payments and rewards in real-time. Featuring a brand-new design, increased security and many more user-requested features.

Instant smart updates.
Advanced transaction History.
User-focused design.


Mobile Application for Your Crypto Assets.

Now you can send funds to your bank account!

MiloWallet makes it easy for everyday use of crypto currency transactions, transfers, swapping, and exchanging in the form of other tokens or the fiat currency.